How to make twisted boutique bow with 16mm grosgrain ribbon.

How to make a twisted boutique bow with 16mm grosgrain ribbon

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How to make twisted boutique bow with 16mm grosgrain ribbon
This is my first twisted bowtique with 16mm grosgrain ribbon so I have guessed the lengths.This bow is about 9cm wide. You can play with your lengths until you are happy with the finished results.
I started with a length 45cm folded in half and put a pin to mark the center.

How to make twisted boutique bow with grosgrain ribbon
Take one end of the grosgrain ribbon and bring it around to form a loop. With the center of the ribbon on the center of the pin.
How to make twisted boutique bow with grosgrain ribbon

Do the same with the other side to form a figure 8. I decided to use 2 colours, this will also make it easier to see how it’s made.
How to make twisted boutique bow with grosgrain ribbon
 Fold your first loop over to form 2 loops

Do the same to the other side. Now it is important the you have 2 straight lines of grosgrain ribbon as the picture on the back.

 This is the front you have a X.
Through the front of the bow push a needle to give you 2 ridges and 1 valley.
  This is the back, keep the 2 straight lines. Also my needles looks off. I think the point of the needle should have been a little to the right so it is straight on both sides. It was very hard to push the needle through all the layers.
  I like to use crochet thread to tie my bows, I wrap the thread so one it sits on opposite sides of the needle tie double loops and pull tight, turn over and do the same than 1 single knot.
  I then like to pull the thread through and tie it off. This way if you pull on a loop it will not come apart.

Make a spike bow

Now to make the spikes. You will need at least 5 piece of grosgrain ribbon. I used 7 x 10cm. Fold in half cut on the angle and seal with a flame. If you use a burning tool the 2 sides will glue together.
 Lay out your spikes how you want them to look. I find if I lay them on my mouse pad they don’t slip as much.
Now pick them up. I hold down the center with my thumb and slip my finger under the back to pick up.
Feed your need through the same as the bow.

Here’s a pic of the ribbon with the double loop to tie.

Pull through your need to tie off.

Here is the spike bow. If some of your spikes are out you just cut and reseal.

Now for some secrets. If you want your bows stiff and crush resistant. Spray with ironing startch. Place them like this in a cold oven 110 for 25mins. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE OVEN AFTER YOU HAVE GLUED THEM.

 Make a surround bow

For the surround. I used a 9mm 47cm length of grosgrain ribbon fold in half, pin than fold each of the side in half and pin. You will have 4 even lengths.

Take one end and bring it around to form a loop. The ribbon will sit next to the pin on the outside. Then fold the next pin around and sit on the other side of the pin. Hot glue in place as you go.

Do the same until you have 4 loops. I have sat the pins to help show where to sit your ribbon.

You should have 4 loop like this.

Sit your bow inside your surround loops. Adjust until your happy and then pull one side down and hot glue in the middle.

How to make twisted boutique bow with grosgrain ribbon

Add a blob of hot glue to your spikes center place your bow with surrounds on top. Make sure your center on bow sides. Then add grosgrain ribbon to the center.  Attach hair clip to back

How to make twisted boutique bow with grosgrain ribbon
Here is a side view, you can hot glue your surround to the side if you wish. You can Bling it by adding a rhinestone button center or maybe a small bow on the side with a flatback rhinestone or flatback pearl.How to make twisted boutique bow with grosgrain ribbon

Updated post on how to make a twisted boutique hair bow

I have tweaked how I make this bow view my latest post how to make a twisted boutique hair bow.  I think the new method is much easier.
How to make a twisted boutique hair bow

How to make a twisted boutqiue bow

This is how I make my bows. I am not saying it’s the best, try it and see if it works for you.  If you would like to share this post please link back to us and use 1 photo only. DO NOT COPY THE WHOLE POST.


At Think Bowtique we sell the finest quality hair bow making supplies at the best price possible right here in Australia.

Have fun creating.
Grosgrain ribbon and craft supplies Australia

How to make a Butterfly hair bow

Make a butterfly hair bow

This fun hair bow is very similar to our 5 petal flower.

For this bow I have used 38mm grosgrain ribbon you can you any width you prefer.
What you need
38mm grosgrain ribbon in your choice of colour or print
Hair clips to hold while making
Needle and thread
Lighter to seal the ends or your preferred method.
Hot glue gun
9mm grosgrain ribbon for centre

Now How to make a Butterfly hair bow

Seal the end of your ribbon and measure 4cm from the end.  Fold the ribbon over at the 4cm point.  So my edge of the ribbon to the fold where my finger points is 4cm.
The long length of ribbon is the front of the bow.  From where my finger to the centre of your fold is your line to fold the ribbon behind.
Once you tuck the ribbon behind it will look like this.
How to make a Butterfly hair bow Place a hair clip over your fold to hold it in place. This is the front of you bow.
img_3995  Now turn your bow over to the back.  Measure 4cm from the centre.
img_3996 Fold your ribbon at the 4cm mark.  Then fold the centre off the fold near my finger back over your ribbon to create your point.
img_3999 Once you have folded your ribbon back to create your point take another hair clip and clip it onto your fold.  Your can now trim the end of your ribbon just paste the centre.
img_4000 You can see the back of the ribbon on each side they over lap a little.
img_4006 Take your knotted needle and thread and thread through the front of your ribbon to create the valley and peeks as in the photo.  Make sure you stitch through both your back ribbons.img_4003

 Now pull your thread through and gather your ribbon centre.  You can wrap the ribbon around the centre or just thread it back and forth a few time then knot it off.
You know have one set complete.
Now repeat the process to create a second set.
img_4008 Take your needle and thread and stitch the two together at the centre.
How to make a Butterfly hair bow  To finish off your bow you just need to add your centre ribbon.
How to make a Butterfly hair bow Seal the end of some 9mm grosgrain ribbon hot glue the end to the back of your bow.  Wrap the ribbon around your bow hot glue to the back and trim the ribbon.

Now you can attach a hair clip or headband to the back of your bow.  Or you could sew the bow onto a hat, bag, dress or anything you fancy.
Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial.  I hope you found it helpful.  If you wish to share with your friends please use only one photo and link back to this page.

If you need grosgrain ribbon to make this bow Think Bowtique has a huge range of both satin ribbon and grosgrain ribbon in stock.

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