Mini Bow Tutorial

 I can’t do bows the traditional way where you just do the rabbit ears thing and tie it.  Mine always turn out skiddywampus.  Some people can do it, and if you can, then good for you.  For those of us who can’t, here’s a tutorial on how to make them another way and have them turn out cute. Your going to need:

-Thread and Needle
-Print out the template on cardstock template pattern here
-Hot glue gun
There are two different sizes of patterns, a big one and a small one.  This is the big pattern that I use on the thicker ribbon.  First you cut your ribbon to 5.5 inches.  If your using the small pattern and skinny ribbon you will cut it to 4.5 inches. You put your ribbon behind the pattern as shown.
Then you wrap the ends around the front.
Using a hair clippy you secure the ribbon down while you get your needle and thread ready.
Then you stick the needle through all three layers of ribbon and wrap the thread around the middle.  Make a knot in the back and tie it off and cut it.
Then cut a small piece of coordinating ribbon, or use the same ribbon if you want.
Put a little dab of hot glue on the backside of the bow and wrap the little piece of ribbon around it and hold it until the glue cools down.  Then cut the excess ribbon off. Trim up your ends so the match evenly on both sides and then seal the ends of the ribbon.
And your all finished!
I also bought some do-dads that were on sale at Joann’s to make into mini hair clippies just in case the baby has a small amount of hair I can put a clip in. You can buy the little barrette clips at Wal-Mart.
First you line your clip with ribbon. Put a dab of hot glue in the middle and then put your little do-dad on top of it and there ya go.
Cute little clippies.  I think this is the shortest tutorial there is.
And now I put it all in a little organza bag and throw in the hospital bag, which is still not packed yet.  I guess I better get off the computer and get that done. Happy bow making to ya!
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