Loopy Flower Bow

I had to make some bows to coordinate with the new springy outfits I just bought the girls.  So I made up some loopy flower bows and took pictures as I went along just in case you want to make some too.
You’ll want four, seven inch pieces of ribbon.
Fold your ribbon in half and then pinch it so you know where the middle is.  Then put a dob of hot glue on the center.
Loop one end over and glue it down.  I used a printed ribbon so you could see how to do it.  Don’t twist it, just loop it. Got it?  Good.
Now loop the other end around.
And repeat with your other three pieces of ribbon.
Glue and stack your layers together.
Put something cute in the center.
If you have green ribbon on hand you can make a little leaf.  Cut it five inches long.
Loop it around and glue it on the back.
Line a hair clip with ribbon and glue your flower on it and you are alll done!!