Flower Headband with Feather and French Veil Netting by The Ribbon Retreat

 I have a new niece to cuddle and love!
Aren’t baby girls are so much fun to dress up?
I couldn’t resist making her a beautiful headband fit for a princess!
Flower Headband with Feather and French Veil Netting
Black Nylon Headband
White and Black French Veil Netting
2 Dark Turquoise Peacock Tails
Satin Circles
Single Prong Clip
3/8″ Black Solid Grosgrain Ribbon (4 1/2″ to line clip)
2 Turquoise Felt Circles
1 Clear Crystal Sticker (10 mm)
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Begin by lining your clip with a 4 1/2″ strip of black grosgrain ribbon.
Seal your ribbon ends with your preferred method.
I had 5 singed satin circles from a previous project. How many circles you use is up to you.
If you’re new to singeing flowers, Cherie does a great job explaining how to do it in her Ribbon Lollipop Flower post. Click on the link to see her tutorial.
The Ribbon Retreat has Satin Ribbon in a variety of beautiful colors
that would be perfect for this project.
Once you’ve singed your satin circles you can begin layering them with the French Veil Netting.
I am so excited that The Ribbon Retreat is now carrying French Veil Netting!
It’s so popular right now and just perfect for the most elegant of projects.
The French Veil Netting comes in 14 different colors and it is priced at $3.99 a yard.
I only used small squares of netting for this headband, so a yard will go a long way.
I can’t wait to try it with more projects!
Like I said, I just used small squares of both the black and white netting.
So, cut your netting into squares just larger than your satin circles.
Start gluing your satin circles and squares of netting using one of your felt circles as a base.
Glue your netting to the felt circle, glue your satin circle to the netting,
glue another layer of netting to the satin circle.
Repeat these steps using your smaller satin circles until you feel that your flower looks complete.
I used 5 satin circles.
I didn’t think it looked quite finished so I added a crystal in the center.
Trim the netting if you’d like.
Trim your peacock tails down to size and glue back of the flower.
I only intended on using one but decided that I liked it better with 2 peacock tails.
The peacock tails are such a fun embellishment!
The Ribbon Retreat has an assortment of feathers that are perfect for crafting.
The peacock tails that I used for this project were 2 for $1.00.
You can’t beat that price! It makes me want to order one in each color!
You can use feathers in hair accessories, hats, brooches, jewlery, etc.
I recently saw one used in a bridal bouquet.
How fun is that???
After gluing your feathers down to the back of the felt circle,
glue the felt circle down to the lined hair clip.
Press and hold until the glue dries.
Then open up the hair clip and glue the remaining felt circle under the top prong,
“sandwiching” the top prong between the 2 felt circles.
That’s all there is to it!
Flower Headband with Feather and French Veil Netting Complete!
I haven’t met my sweet little niece yet,
so you’ll have to imagine what the headband will look like on a cute baby girl.
I hope you have fun creating your own projects with French Veil Netting and Peacock Tails!

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