Here is how I did it:


- fabric scrap
- small piece of felt
- elastic
- basic sewing supplies
- favorite headband

1. Take your piece of fabric (anything will do, I used a t-shirt that I never wear) and trace and cut out about 10 hearts. I just free handed a heart shape but you could print one off the computer as your pattern if you like. My hearts were about 2 inches tall. The amount of hearts depends on how full or long/wide you would like it (see pic. #1).

2. Cut out an oval shape out of your felt (or round if you want it more ball shaped).

3. Cut two pieces of elastic about the width of your felt piece and pin them in place the width of your favorite headband (see pic. #2). Make sure it is snug but able to slide off and on with ease. 

4. Stitch the elastic in place. I used my machine to do this, but you could definitely hand sew it as well.

5. Now this is the fun part. Take a heart and fold it (see pic. #3). Just a loose funky fold and hand stitch it in place.

6. Continue folding hearts, arranging and sewing them in place until you are satisfied with the shape and fullness (pic. #4 & 5).

7. Slide it on your headband and you are finished! Get busy, the possibilities are endless! I am definitely going to try the rolled flowers on the elastic felt too. Now I don't have to buy a million headbands!