How To make Organza Flower!!!

Welcome back for another day of Flower Week! Today's flowers are made from layers of organza, tulle, and satin and a few pearly beads. These are perfect for a hair clip or a pretty pin for your jacket or purse. Very classy.

Organza Flower Tutorial

What you'll need:
*Your desired fabric(s)--we used a combination of organza, tulle, and satin
*Beads or buttons for the center
*Invisible (clear) thread and a needle
*Candle and matches

1. Cut your fabric into flower shapes or circles. They do not need to be exact or symmetrical at all. Our flowers were about 4 inches across. You'll need 3-4 flowers total for one completed flower.

2. Using a candle, very carefully singe or melt the edges of your flower piece. There is not wrong way to do this. Just hold the edge close to the flame and turn it to evenly melt the edges around the shape. The edges will begin to curl. If you don't like the melted edges (meaning you have black, singed edges), you can clean it up by trimming them with scissors. Be careful not to let your flower become engulfed in flames! It's actually pretty easy to keep it under control, but just be aware and pay close attention.

3. Layer your melted pieces. We used 3-4 layers, but play around with your pieces until you like the way it looks. Using the clear thread and needle, sew a few beads or buttons in the center of your flower, going through all layers of fabric, and finish it with a small knot in the back.