fabric flower tutorial

Many of you asked me where I got the fabric, pattern & flower for this bag.

Fabric: top edge from denyse schmidt and bottom flower fabric from Walmart.

Pattern: from my head which is just swimming with pictures & patterns that I have seen in the countless books, magazines I have or even from women carrying them in stores, restaurants, church etc....

Fabric Flower: from a book that came from my beautiful Grandma Anna. I don't even remember the name of the book, but I do remember the fabric flower.

Here is the tutorial for

anna's flower

Begin by choosing your fabric. One color, two colors --- doesn't matter.

Trace a circle on your fabrics. This one is approx. 4 1/2 in. in diameter.

I usually cut out 4 circles from one fabric and 4 circles from another fabric.

Find the center by ironing a crease down the middle.

And using ruler & rotary cutter, cut down the center of all the circles.

Your half circles.

Fold each half circle in 1/2, wrong sides together.

Sew approx. 1/4 in. seam down the straight edge. Feed all the 'petals' through your machine w/o cutting the thread.

A petal necklace.....

Clip the threads that join these petals. Turn right side out.

Begin Bottom Layer of Flower

Use upholstery thread and stitch a running stitch on the bottom curve of each 'petal'.

Add your next 'petal' with that same running stitch.

Keep adding 'petals' to this same length of thread, alternating the fabric. I use 9 half circles for this bottom layer of the flower.

Pull tightly on the thread to form the flower. Secure with backstitches. Leave a 8 in. tail when cutting thread.

Top Layer of Flower

Repeat steps for top layer of flower as you did with the bottom flower. I use 6 'petals' for the top layer. Leave a 8 in. tail when cutting thread.

Using the 8 in. tail of thread, stitch the top layer to the bottom layer of fabric flower. Do not cut threads. You will use this thread to secure the button.

Use a button for the center of the flower. Fabric covered, or your choice of button/bead etc.

Using the 8 in. tail of your thread, sew button to the center of the flower.

Bring both threads to back, tie knot to secure.

Trace a circle on felt to cover the back center --messy thread part!-- and using fabric glue, attach circle to back of flower. Add a pinback if you choose.

...and you have a

flower from anna's garden.