Burnt Petal Flower

This flower always gets a lot of comments.  It looks complicated, but it’s not. :) I used 3″ Mystic Blue Grosgrain Ribbon for this flower.

First cut out some petals.  The bottom of the petal should be the edge of the ribbon, you won’t need to burn it because it is already sealed.  As you can see I did not worry about making my petals the same.  Real life flowers aren’t perfect. :)
If you want, you can make a petal pattern and make all your petals the same.  It would probably work best to use a pattern if you are going to do a 5 petal flower.
Most of the time I make my flowers with around 20 petals.  This just makes them nice and full.
Burn each petal using a lighter or candle.  The more you burn it, the more the petal will curl up.
With a needle and thread stitch along the bottom edge of each petal, connecting them together,
Take the needle through the back of the petal.
Put the needle back through the center of the front and come back up very close to the center.
Finish by taking the needle through the front again.  I know this sounds so confusing. LOL
The picture is much better at explaining.  If you don’t do it this way it will probably look fine anyway.:)
Once you have stitched all your petals, pull your thread tight, gathering them together, and shape it to the way you want it.  Take a couple stitches in the back to secure the flower.
Glue a felt circle to the back to hide any stitching and secure the flower even more.
Glue a button in the center of your flower.  I used a button from my Flirtation Button Jar.  Attach the flower to a lined Single Prong Clip, and you are ready to ROCK & ROLL! :)
Play around with different sizes, colors, and ribbon types.
This flower is made with Chalk Violet Solid Grosgrain Ribbon.  I cut these petals to a point.
I alternated Sarsparilla and Black petals out of 1 1/2″ Satin Ribbon for this flower.
I love this flower in Red Solid Grosgrain Ribbon, so classic.
Look how cute it looks on my baby girl!
You can make these flowers any size with however many petals you want.  Have fun deciding how to make yours!

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