Cut approx 13 pieces of ribbon - I cut mine about 1 1/2" long but it depends how big or small a flower you want, same with the amount of petals.

Cut each into a long petal shape.

Use a flame to gently melt and seal all edges of each petal - only enough to melt it as if it's too melted it will crack and break when you bend them.

Fold the base of each petal as shown and thread onto cotton.

After threading all the petals go through the first petal again and pull tightly so all petals are bunched together and tie off in a knot.

Cover a button with an offcut of fabric and push button shank into centre of petals. Fan petals out and sew button to the dress - I also sewed in a circular pattern around the button just catching each petal in the fold to secure it better.

Woo Hoo... Just in time for a victory dance ♪♫♪

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