How to make an adjustable elastic headband.

How to make an adjustable elastic headband
For this headband we have used fold over elastic (FOE) you can use any elastic you like.
You will need:
Cut your elastic to length and heat seal the ends.
Take your 61cm length of fold over elastic (FOE) and feed your ring on to about half way so it is out of the way.
Fold over elastic and headband ring
With shiny side up feed your elastic through the slider loop and
over the centre bar and through the second loop.
This is the underside of the slider.
Fold about 2cm over and glue down.  I used a hot glue gun, you can sewn or use your favourite fabric glue.
You now have the ring in the centre of your elastic and the slider attached to one end.
Take the other end of your elastic with shiny side up feed it through the buckle the same way you did earlier.
Once you have looped the elastic through the slider continue to pull the elastic along.
The length you pull through does not really matter.
Feed the end of your elastic through the ring overlap about 2cm and glue down.
You now have an adjustable headband.
Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial.  I hope you find it helpful.
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