HOW TO make a boutique bow using the figure 8 method

Today we will be creating a small boutique bows using the figure 8 method. 
These are 2.5" and oh so cute. 
Let's gather supplies... 

You need:
  • A glue gun with glue sticks
  • A measuring tool
  • scissors
  • button thread and needle
  • a lighter for heat sealing
  • A lined alligator clip. CLICK HERE on how to line a clip
  • 2" of 3/8" ribbon to wrap the bow
  • (2) 20" pieces of 7/8" ribbon of your choosing. I am using ribbon from Trendy Owl today. You can find her information by CLICKING HERE.  
  1. Line your clip. Cut your ribbon to 20" and heat seal ends. 
  2. Find your center and crease
  3. Measure in 2" on each end. You can choose to either firmly crease so you can see your marks or simply use a pen as I am doing in this tutorial so you can easily see.
  4. Bring your first side in lining up your marks.
  5. Fold your other side in lining up your marks again. You will now see a pretty figure 8.
  6. Find the center of one side of your figure 8 and fold it in. Continue and fold in the other side directly on top.
  7. You may choose to place a pin to hold your center in place now. 

  8. Push your ribbon through the front of the bow and do a running stitch, ending with your needle coming back through the front. You should have 4 stitches all together. 
  9. Pull and wrap your thread around 3 times.
  10. Tie off your thread and trim excess. 

  11. Trim your ends and heat seal. I like the angled look on these but you may prefer the V cut. Its up to you. 

Any questions be sure to comment below or come visit us in the I Like Big Bows chat group! I would love to see you post your creations.  

Until next time, 

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