Triple Stack Bow

I love this bow!
I call it a Triple Stack Bow because it has three layers.
The ribbon I used is new to The Ribbon Retreat.
It is called Comma Stylist and is BEAUTIFUL!
You need to get some. I love it.
This bow is really easy to do and easily masks imperfections.
First you will start out with three pieces of ribbon (Any size. This ribbon is 1″.)
I cut mine to be 16 inches.
With each one, you will make a simple bow.
Stick the needle and thread in the center.
Then scrunch up the bow with your fingers and tighten the thread around.
Take a stitch in the back.
Make three of these bows and seal your ends.
Now we are going to stack them.
This looks more complicated than it is. :)
Stack the bows, turning clockwise or counter clockwise.
It will not look right until the center knot is put in.
Stack them, and then squeeze the center together to make sure you like how it looks.
Make sure you have the same amount of loops/ends on both sides.
Once you are done stacking the bows, you will fasten them together.
Take a stitch in the back bow and tighten the thread around the three layers.
Finish it off by taking another stitch in the back.
Now cut enough ribbon for your center knot.
When you make your knot, make sure to not tighten it too tight.
Put glue on the back of the knot and attach it to the center of the bow.
Now you can attach your bow to your clip.
I used a French Barrette clip.
Click this link to see How To Attach A French Barrette.
All finished!
This bow is so cute!

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