A Tutorial: Twisted Boutique Hair Bows

Here we go...
You need:
ribbon (I used 1.5" wide ribbon in the example)
thread, or my favorite thing to use is waxed dental floss (stay away from the mint flavored)
hot glue
alligator or french clip to attach the bow to
This will make you a fluffy 3.5” bow.
1.  Cut a piece of ribbon 24”.  Cut and seal (using fray check or a lighter...carefully) one end.  I do a straight cut on this end.
Image 1(OMG!  My mickey mouse pajama pants that I still wear to this day.  Dying of embarrassment!  *blush*)

2. Fold Ribbon in half leaving about ½” to 1” at the tail end showing.Image 2
3. Fold ribbon in half again, leaving still the cut ends showing.  Make hard creases with your fingers.  Your ribbon should now be folded into fourths.Image 3
4. When you open your piece of ribbon up you should have crease lines where it was folded.  There should be three creases.  These creases will be your markers as to the place you should loop your ribbon to in order to make symmetrical loops. Image 55. Taking the straight cut end that was sealed, make a loop down and to the left at a sharp angle and place it on the first crease. The sealed end should line up with the edge of the ribbon, almost at a perfect angle. Image66.  Next, find your second crease and bring it up and around from the left and place it on top of the sealed end.  Angle this sharply as well where it almost forms an “x”.
7. Find your third crease line and bring up and around the back of your two loops that you have already formed.  Bring the ribbon down behind them so that it is straight behind your two loops, angled sharply.  You should now have three loops.
8. To form your last loop bring the tail end up and to the left, angling it sharply, and place it over the center of the bow.  The center of the bow should form an “x”.  This is also the time to check that your loops look even.
9. Two thirds of the way down in the center, bring your needle and thread up.Image10
10. Next bring your needle down through the center of the bow.
Image1111. Bring your needle and thread up again above the center stitch.
12.  This is how your stitches should look in the center.  Start pulling up and around the back. 
13. The bow center should start pleating naturally for you.  Pull hard and hold onto the center tightly.
14.  Wrap the thread tightly around the center. And make a few stitches in the back to secure. Image15
15. Finished Bow.  You may need to fluff it a little.
 16. Side view
Now just attach the bow to a clip using hot glue and wrap another 


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