Cinderella hair clippie

Note: To keep things quick and simple I will be referring to the ribbon widths as "super skinny," "thin," and "wide."  I feel like you know what I mean instantly when I say that, as opposed to giving actual widths.

You'll Need:
thin yellowish gold ribbon
thin baby blue ribbon
thin cream ribbon
thin white ribbon
hair clippies (or a headband, magnet, clothespin... whatever)
hot glue gun and glue
scissors (or heated ribbon knife <--- AMAZING!)
Lighter to keep ends from fraying.   (not nec. when using a heated ribbon knife!)

Head and Hair
how to make ribbon hair clipsStart with a thin cream colored ribbon for her head.  Wrap it around a marker and secure it with a dab of hot glue.  Leave about an inch hanging rom the loop (head) for her neck and to attach the body.

Hair part11. Cut about 2" of thin yellow ribbon.  2. Fold over one end and glue down, making a small, flat loop.  3.  Wrap the other end around a pencil and glue, making a circle loop.  4.  Glue to top of head almost like a baseball cap.

Hair part2
5.  Cut just over 2" of thin yellow ribbon.  6.  Match the ends together as shown and glue, making an angled loop.  7.  Place the loop over the "baseball cap" on the head.  8.  Glue on the top and on the back (as shown)

Hair part39.  Place a dab of hot glue inside the circle loop at the crown of the head and lightly press, creating a flatter bun.  10. Cut a sliver from a 2" length of thin blue ribbon (or use super skinny ribbon)  11. Glue down to the hair to create headband.

Body and Dress
Body and dress pt11. To make the shoulders/ arms, cut about 3 1/2" of thin cream ribbon and glue down across the neck.  2.  Make a circle loop with about 2" of thin blue ribbon and glue down to create the chest.  3.  Using about 1 1/2" of thin white ribbon, glue a flat loop, then cut it straight up the middle to create (2) flat loops.  4.  Glue the loops down at an angle by the sides of the chest to create cap sleeves for the dress.

Body and dress pt25.  Using your four fingers as a length guide, cut (4) long loops of thin blue ribbon and glue them as shown.  Note: be sure to glue them slightly on top of one another, since the bottom of the dress has to fit inside the chest loop!  6.  Using just your index, middle, and ring fingers, cut 2 long loops of thin white ribbon.  7.  Glue them to the sides of the dress.  8.  Use a small piece of thin blue ribbon to cover the ends.

Cinderella Hair ClipInsert the bottom of the dress into the chest loop and secure with glue.  You can shape her hands however you like.  I just snipped the corners off to make the hands look a bit rounder.  Now just attach to your clip or headband.

how to glue it downWhen attaching to a clip, consider how the clip will be placed into the hair.  Will you be pinning hair up?  Glue your ribbon princess vertically to the clip with the mouth at the top.  Pinning hair or long bangs to the side?  Glue the clip horizontally across the shoulders with the mouth facing to the side that you will be pinning back.  And that's it!  There's no way people aren't stopping you in the streets to ask where you bought that!

These are wicked fun to make and you can get really creative with it!  I want to see some sassy hair clippies made by you!