zipper flower.

To make this flower you will need a zipper, scissors, adhesive, a needle and thread in a color that matches the zipper.

First step is to unzip the zipper and cut off the end piece with the zipper pull attached.  

Next cut 6 pieces of zipper about 2 1/2” long.  (I used 2” pieces and thought they could be a little longer).  

Thread your needle and make a running stitch down the side opposite the teeth for each of the 6 petal pieces.

Once you’ve finished stitching hold the zipper and pull the thread to gather the zipper.  The zipper will naturally curl inward.

Once it is curled in stitch the ends together and secure your stitches.  That’s it for the petals.

For the center of the flower take a long piece of zipper and again use a running stitch up the side of the zipper opposite the teeth.  Start gathering as you go, it’s easier than trying to gather it all at the end.  

Keep going until you’ve reached the size coil you want, I eyeball it but it’s usually a good size when you have two coils.  Then stitch the bottom to the rest of the zipper to hold the coil in place.  

To put it all together, cut out a circle from a piece of scrap paper.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle just something that can help guide you and give you something to adhere the petals to. 

Using Beacon’s 3-IN-1, glue down each petal to the circle.

Then glue your center coil in the center of the petals.

Once the glue has dried a little use a paper piercer to make a whole in the paper circle for your brad to go through.

Then just add your brad and secure the back.